Safe Parking LA will list your institution as an additional insured to our already $1,000,000- $2,000,000 policy. In addition, each vehicle dweller is required to have their own motor vehicle insurance.


The Santa Barbara program with 125 vehicles( Cars and RVs) which has been in existence for over 13 years has not experienced 1 instance of vandalism and in fact the Santa Barbara Police Department has acknowledged the reduction in calls and citations re: people living in their vehicles.

The San Diego program with 75 and soon to be 115 spaces and has been around for 9 years has had 2 episodes of vandalism. Those instances were not from the vehicle dwellers, but from people outside of the program. People living in their vehicles serve as a deterrent to vandalism and are not the source of it. In Santa Barbara, there are preschools and evening programs which co-exist with Safe Parking in the same lot. None of the schools associated with Safe Parking Santa Barbara have seen a loss of student populace in the 13 years. Certainly no crime against the children has occurred.


The Safe Parking program does not cost anything. Each parking lot owner gets a $500

stipend for soft costs that the lot owner might bear such as water and electricity.


All applicants are fully screened, an application is filled out and a waiver is signed. Part of the application includes all of the rules and regulations about noise, camping,

cooking etc. Single men are also screened in the National Sex Offender database. Eviction and termination of lot privileges can be immediate. An active relationship is maintained with LAPD and the City Council office so that immediate expulsion from the lot can be carried out quickly.


The standard safe parking program runs from approximately 6 pm to 6:30 am 7 days per week. However, there will be flexibility so that if the lot owner needs all of the lot until a certain time, then the lot “guests” will have to wait nearby before they can be welcomed in for the evening. There are Santa Barbara lots that allow for the coexistence of evening programs at the church or synagogue while the Safe parking

participants park in another part of the lot. That co-existence seems to work out just fine. This would include evening programs that include parents and children of the host organization. Since there will be SPALA lot monitors/security in place, safety will be of the utmost importance for both the host program participants and the Safe Parking lot guests.


These do all take place at some of the lots in Santa Barbara without incident. The Safe Parking program hours are usually outside of the hours needed to run the above mentioned programs.


All Safe Parking programs will have some form of sanitation arranged and paid for by Safe Parking LA unless the local facility allows access to restrooms on site.


Since Safe Parking LA is a transitional “Safe Refuge” for people living in their vehicles, case managing will be arranged by Safe Parking LA with the local Service lead or provider. Case management is performed with the intent of getting more services for the vehicle dweller and eventually get them off the street and into housing.