2 Safe Parking Lots Approved in Harbor Area

Two parking lots in the Harbor area have been approved as designated Safe Parking Lots. The first lot located at Temple Beth El at 1435 W. Seventh St. was approved on September 26th to open as a pilot lot with five parking spaces. The second lot, owned by a private business owner, located at 14000 S. Figueroa St has also agreed to provide parking. The actual start dates of the two lots is undetermined at this time, as start-up money must first be secured.

Safe Parking LA Launches First Safe Parking Site

Safe Parking LA has partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs' West Los Angeles Campus to provide 10 overnight parking spaces to homeless veterans living in their vehicles. See the article below for more information. 



Dr. Sale's speech to Los Angeles Homeless and Poverty Committee

To the Homeless and Poverty Committee:

Good afternoon honorable Council Members. I am here today to beseech your help. My name is Dr. Scott Sale and I am one of the advocates and founders of Safe Parking LA that started over 6 years ago at Leo Baeck Temple. Our 501C3’s mission is to be as supportive as possible of the initiation of Safe parking lot programs in every council district. We have worked toward a City wide Safe Parking program as in every council district there are people experiencing vehicular homelessness and it is only getting worse.

Establish Citywide Safe Parking Program

Establish Citywide Safe Parking Program

Direct the Homeless Strategy Committee, with assistance from the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, City Attorney and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to develop and submit for approval a Safe Parking program including permits for predetermined locations, contracting guidelines for homeless service providers, max vehicle occupancy guidelines per location, service provider engagement for enrollment in homeless case management, and integration with Los Angeles Police Department local policing personnel.


Ordinance 184836 was passed by the LA City Council and the Mayor of LA on March 29, 2017. This ordinance allows any government agency, religious institution, non-profit charitable organization or private non-profit organization to provide, emergency or temporary shelter for 365 days per year. What this means is that any faith-based institution or non-profit which meets certain minimal requirements can use their parking lot to safely park vehicles at night and allow people to sleep there without disturbance.