The Process 



In order to do this, we first had to decriminalize sleeping in a vehicle – which in most of Los Angeles is illegal. The Safe Green streets which are being identified and mapped by LA city will be streets where vehicle dwellers can sleep ( as long as the dweller abides by the local posted street signs). The City of LA is currently in the process of creating a Safe Parking Program( SPP) throughout its 15 Council districts. An SPP will provide case management and outreach to the vehicular homeless and safe overnight parking to individuals and families living in their vehicles.The SPP will be the next step to follow the Safe Green streets concept.

Step 2

Use private donations to QUICKLY secure parking lots around the city as gathering points for designated safe parking. These lots will include faith based organizations and privately owned business parking lots. These locations are usually safe, well lit and completely empty every night.


Step 3

Brand these available parking lots as designated SAFE PARKING LA sites and reach out to those living in cars throughout the city, letting them know of the availability of SAFE PARKING LA sites. We will work with law enforcement for a ‘grace period’ and instead of waking up a family sleeping in a car or an RV and telling them to move, we will, instead, provide a Safe Parking LA map to the windshield of the vehicle.Safe Parking LA will create gathering points – parking lots around the city currently unused during evening hours - as a place to safely park. These gathering points will include faith based organizations, such as churches and synagogues and privately owned business parking lots, unused from 7p to 7a most days. Each site will serve the purpose of providing social services to this community in need as a step towards ending homelessness.